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Small but mighty!

Each cart is made one at a time, with the person and pony in mind that will be using the cart. The shafts are custom made for each pony with standard options, but custom options and ideas are welcome. If there is something special that needs to be done to make your cart more functional we are happy to try to work with you.

We all share a passion for these small but mighty creatures and want to advocate for them - they can do so much with the right equipment!!

The KBike weighs 55 pounds with the boat seat and the large wheels. It is built a little beefier to withstand some vigorous driving over varied and difficult terrain and works great for the larger ponies.

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Designed by a fellow driver!

The design features for these carts came about from a training perspective. It's not safe to start a young driving pony in a lightweight vehicle that sits so close to them. Also we understand that there are some people that simply can not sit in the cart with their legs up in the stirrups. So the slide in foot basket with longer shafts were designed!


The "Inbetweeners"

The Kcart is a beefier version of a few other lightweight cart options that are on the market. This cart is designed to hold up to the rigors of some tough off road driving that some of us enjoy. This cart will also fit those in between ponies, 39-42". This size pony can be very hard to find carts for. They aren't minis and they aren't quite what some may consider ponies. They can be known as the "inbetweeners". Because of the customization available with the Kcart we can dial in the fit so balancing is a non issue!

The KBike will fit ponies from 33-46" tall.


Going Traditional

For those looking to be a little more traditional but with the same eye to sturdiness and comfort, take a look at the Bench Seat KCart! This cart is only for the larger minis and small ponies, 38" - 46" tall. The shafts are wider to accommodate these sized ponies. It features an adjustable suspension seat.

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The Bench Cart - $1700 CAD

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Ready to order?

One of our goals when designing and building these carts was to keep them affordable. They are made in Canada, one at a time, as custom as we can make them. 

KBike: $1450 CAD  

This gets you the basic bike model with the sliding adjustable boat seat, stirrups,

 24" composite wheels with 3" wide,

smooth, pneumatic tires,

and black powder coated shafts.

Black is the only color option at this time.


Slide In Foot Basket - $300 CAD - these require the extra long shaft set:
Extra long shaft set which run $300 CAD 

Steel Wheels - 24" - $200 CAD 

Please Contact Us about USA pricing.